Private security



As a core business of safety and security activities, traditional surveillance is an essential component. It guarantees the fulfillment and optimization of a service. Our customers must be able to count on experienced, qualified supervisory and prevention staff for all sectors of activity, from industry to logistics, including distribution, service and events.


Our agents adapt their answers with discernment: meticulous and relevant controls, as respectful of people as of right, a strong and expert presence, an easy and friendly relationship. Benevolent for the interior, vigilant for the outside, rigorous with all, they are aware of the responsibilities greater than the security context imposes on them.


Our agents, vigilant and responsive, will ensure the surveillance and protection of your property in all circumstances, ensuring professionalism at all times.





We offer fire prevention, protection and intervention services.


In all sectors of activity (industry, distribution, tertiary ...), qualified security agents carry out plant inspections, safety prevention rounds, and are responsible for managing fire alarms, while ensuring the first interventions in the field. fire and personal assistance.


Our first responders are qualified according to the highest fire safety standards. Alerts and reagents, they will be able to protect you from the risks related to the fire.




The main mission of the intervention team is to ensure the security of different sites in particularly hostile environments:


  • Prevention missions, implementation of security protocols to fight against incivilities
  • Securing highly frequented sites (Public places, supermarkets, administrations)
  • Support to the police
  • Regulation of crowd movements

Our intervention teams, trained to master dangerous individuals, will be able to put at your service their mobility and their great reactivity to intervene wherever the need arises.




Trained in observation techniques, environment tracking and self-defense, our close protection officers are competent to accompany all types of personalities. The company is active throughout Cameroon and is dedicated to serving people and property exposed to all risks of aggression and is operational 24 hours a day.


The security context has placed our agents at the forefront: their know-how in profiling reassures our customers. They embody our image as our ability to intelligently manage crisis situations.


Our close protection agents guarantee your personal safety and that of your loved ones at all times, places and circumstances.



We work on all types of events and manifestation through flexible, scalable and tailor-made solutions throughout the country. The responsiveness and management required for these services are stakeholders of the proposed solutions.


Concerts, reception, sports events, public events, we ensure the safety and well being of your guests for the duration of the event.




Through strong partnerships, we are able to offer you a complete offer in terms of electronic security, additional offers to cover all of your needs: intrusion protection (perimeter protection, technical alarms and fire ...), access control (evolved single-site and multi-site system ...) and video surveillance.


Our video surveillance operators will ensure the permanent surveillance of all your infrastructures, guaranteeing you the absence of undetectable intrusion.




We take care of you, to evaluate the threat concerning your infrastructure or your staff, in order to determine with you the best security answer to bring.