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Directrice Administrative et pôle strategie


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Directeur Opérationnel

Emmanuel Ngoh

Benjamin Bouillié

Julienne Foy

Paulin Moubeke

Our team

Communication Officer

Administrative Director and Strategy Pole

Julienne AMAYENA

Alexandre NGOH


Emmanuel is a field man.
He has to his credit a strong experience in the field of security by his missions under the cap of military contract or that of close protection officer
Active member of the French Federation of Close Protection, he was able to distinguish himself in various security features, such as the defending French champion Roland Garros, the yellow jackets events, and the security apparatus of the former French president. 

Emmanuel FOY

Operational manager


Benjamin is a Senior Instructor of Systema. 

He has more than a decade of experience in various forms of military combat.

He trained in Systema, specializing in close combat, weapons handling, combat shooting, military tactics, skydiving (+2500 jumps), and survival techniques in hostile areas.

He was trained by officers from Russian Special Operations Units, GRU, Alpha Group, and also by instructors from English SAS, French COS, and US USSOCOM.

Benjamin holds a degree in Risk Management.