Supervision of military units


Our instructors are able to supervise and train the units
in order to raise their operational level, as well as to lead them to
tactical successes in the field. The coaching abilities are, for any army,
the first fruits of the military and political victories of this one. Therefore, priority
must always be given to the positive evolution of the operational level of managers
intermediaries and superiors of the army.


Design of special operations


For elite troops, including special forces units, the
design of high strategic value operations forms the basis for the success of
these unconventional operations. Based on special tactics of elite units
of the French army, this teaching is particularly demanding and selective. he
allows the creation of new elite units, as well as the evolution of units
existing through theoretical and practical training. It will focus on
technical, tactical, psychological and physical skills of the operators.


Training of anti-terrorist units


The anti-terrorist intervention units are the last level of defense against
attacks by armed groups, whether they are considered criminals, rebels or
terrorists. Their training and training must be considered as a
absolute priority. That's why our instructors will put all of their
counterterrorism skills and knowledge with the provisions of these
units, to enable them to reach the highest operational level, in order to be able to
able to provide an effective security response.


Fight against maritime piracy


Maritime piracy is a global scourge with negative consequences for the entire economy of a country. The Gulf of Guinea being the most important area of piracy in the world, it is urgent to provide a firm response to this major problem. Our instructors are able to establish a strategy for against long-term piracy, to train and train units capable of intervening directly to regain control of territorial waters and stem the of this threat.


Sniper Training Course


Sniper units have always occupied a privileged place within the armies. Their use can drastically increase the success of operations military, while reducing losses. Similarly, their usefulness in the war psychological is no longer to demonstrate. The deployment of this type of unit is a indispensable element of a modern army. Our instructors can put in
place training courses whose purpose is to select, train, train and advise the snipers. This is to bring them to a level of efficiency comparable to that of the best armies in the world.


Parachuting instruction


Parachuting, for elite troops and special forces, is a vector of moving and deploying to get the most out of speed and of the surprise effect, two of the major war principles. Our instructors can set up training or refresher courses to enable paratroop units to make the most of this operative advantage


Structuring of police operations


Police operations, which are complex in their broad field of action, require the better level of preparation for maximum efficiency. To ensure law enforcement, the action of police operations is the defense tool of the institutions that guarantees the serenity of public services, the integrity of the territory and the security of the population. Our instructors are able to train and train police and gendarmerie at all levels to enable them to maximizing their effectiveness on the ground, while protecting their workforce.