Officer and NCO Training


True backbone of armies, officers and NCOs are the key to
the military institution. It is indeed leaders who depend on the success of the army.
Therefore, their operational training must be a major priority for the
rampage of combat units. Conscious of this primordial necessity,
our instructors, themselves former officers of the French army, will put their
experience to benefit the Cameroonian army cadres to lead them to the highest
level of command.


Strategy teaching


From the strategy follows the outcome of a large-scale military operation. It responds to immutable principles, used and applied at all times by the great military leaders of history. Ignoring these principles has always led to failure. That's why our instructors are particularly committed to using these principles. Similarly, they are always committed to teaching them so as to ensure the success of operations as much as possible.


Development of war tactics


More than means or numbers, it is tactics that the victory depends on. This one replaces any other. We do not make war with numbers, but with science. Our instructors, specialists in tactical combat of high intensity, will bring their control of the fight to the Cameroonian units. It is thanks to this mastery that the operational units will be able to raise their operational level, and, consequently, their successes in the field.


Analysis of the operative principles of the adversary


Understanding the operative principles of the enemy is a prerequisite for establishing an effective defense strategy. Indeed, without a complete, precise and accurate analysis, the countermeasures applied on the ground will have no effect. Our instructors are able to lay down the principles of this analysis and teach them to the decision makers.


Battlefield Modeling


Battlefield modeling is imperative in the conduct of military operations. The famous "military look" as taught by Napoleon, is at the origin of the modeling of the battlefield. It is this topographic understanding that allows the leader to deploy and advance his troops with maximum efficiency. This doctrine is the basis of the skills of our instructors, who always favor the teaching of this ability sine qua non to tactical victory.


Specificity of the different combat environments


If the principles of war remain unchangeable at all times and in all places, combat tactics must be adapted to the circumstances. Including numbers, means and time, but also backgrounds. Indeed, we will not adapt the same tactics depending on whether we are in the forest, in the plains or in urban areas. Our instructors will define the different combat environments and bring their knowledge of these to Cameroonian military cadres.


Intelligence Methodology


Without information, no actions possible. It is indeed thanks to intelligence collected that it is possible for a military commander to design an effective operation. Our instructors are able to provide a comprehensive intelligence methodology, benefiting military decision makers at all levels. This allows them to significantly increase their strategic efficiency.