About us

About us 

The security crisis that has affected Cameroon for several years motivated the commitment of ANGE SECURITY to deploy its activities in Cameroon

Cameroonian company created and led by Emmanuel Ngoh FOY, man of field and action for many years, ANGE SECURITY is a security company organizing missions of private security and defense solutions consulting exercising throughout the Cameroonian territory.


It makes available to its customers, permanently or occasionally, qualified and confirmed security agents, supervised by senior managers.

From the simplest service to the most complex, our agents are steeped in professional conscience, mastery, but above all rigor to always best serve the safety of customers and with the utmost respect for their privacy and the strictest confidentiality.


Professionalism, responsiveness, proximity, rigor, compliance with regulations, risk prevention and the fight against dangerous behavior are all pledges of ANGE SECURITY's ambition: to be the reference in the field.


Why us ? 

ANGE SECURITY offers a global security offer that is characterized by a human-sized structure and personalized monitoring, ensuring optimal listening and responsiveness. Experience, know-how, rigor, motivation and availability define the commitment of our teams.


Professional ethics at the heart of our concerns.

Strong close relationship with our customers and our agents

Adaptation of dynamic security techniques on a case by case basis

Optimized proposed solutions